Water Filter For Caravan

November 26, 2021

water filter for caravan

When it comes to water filters for caravans, the choices can be overwhelming. What works for one caravan may not be suitable for another. Before you decide on a particular type, consider what you’re likely to be using the water filter for. The more filtration you need, the higher the price, but you’ll be pleased to know that the filter will protect you from bacteria, sediment, and other contaminants. The good news is that there are many choices.

How We Improved Our Water Filter For Caravan

Typically, caravaners drain their water tanks and use anti-bacterial additives, so it’s wise to filter the water in these tanks. But the only option to get the best results is to buy a system with a ceramic filter that filters water at a lower flow rate. Choosing a product with a filter rating of 1 micron or lower is best, as you don’t want to risk getting your drinking water contaminated with CYST parasites or other harmful microorganisms.

Water filter for caravan can also be installed inside the caravan’s plumbing system. Unlike inline systems, inline filters for caravans connect to the mains and filter water. This reduces sediment and bacteria that could cause health problems in your caravan. An activated carbon filter will improve the taste and smell of water, as well as remove some harmful bacteria and parasites. It’s recommended that you purchase a model with a demountable housing, but be aware that these models usually require an annual replacement.