Tiling Contractors – What You Need To Know About Them

February 26, 2021

Tiling Contractors Wollong

Founded by Mr. Percy Thomas Woolrich in Wollong, Australia back in 1960 it is an organization which provides both installation and maintenance services for the leading tile producers. With a variety of projects ranging from residential to commercial, they have been able to provide clients with quality workmanship. Most of their projects are carried out on behalf of various clients. A major part of the company’s business comes through its tilers Wollongong, Australia.


The company has continued to grow over the years and currently has a large number of tile production facilities both in Australia and internationally. It is also one of the largest distributors of tiles both domestically and internationally, in addition to offering installation and renovation services. By using high quality materials and innovative processes the company has established itself as a leader in the industry.


The company has continually received high praise for its wide range of tiles including terracotta, ceramic, and granite. The unique techniques that they use to allow them to manufacture tiles in bulk quantities. Because they are able to do so they can offer competitive prices. They have developed excellent relationships with all their clients hence they are able to provide customized and personalized services. The quality of the tiles they produce speaks for itself. Many renowned buildings, landmarks, and homes have been built all over the country using the quality tiles produced by Woolrich.