Interim Agency

March 25, 2021

An Interim Agency is a short-term contract usually lasting no more than a few weeks. An Interim Agency is just one that is used when a permanent position becomes vacant for whatever reason. The term interim is derived from the fact that there is no long-term commitment on the part of the Interim Agency, which is why people who are in need of an Interim Service often times use them. The use of these types of services has become more popular than in the past due to the current economic situation- agence intérim.

interim agency


The primary goal of any Interim Agency is to complete the assignment as quickly as possible while still fulfilling all of the customer’s needs. With a short term Interim Service, you can complete a job or process faster and with less hassle than if you were to hire and train for a full time position with your own company. What’s more, many companies offer Interim Agencies as a cost effective way to fill in the gap between hiring a full-time position and filling that position with another employee who is then hired full-time. With a short term Interim service, you can avoid laying out too much money upfront when hiring a full-time position and you avoid having to waste time interviewing for a position. Because companies are not typically looking to hire someone for a full-time position, most Interim Agencies can help you fill a position or process much quicker than if you were trying to hire a full-time position yourself.


The benefits of hiring an Interim Agency is a quick way to get a project or process going, but not every Interim Agency is created equally. You should do some research to make sure that you are hiring the right Interim Management Company for your unique needs. Look for agencies with experience in the following areas: Executive Search Services, interim management recruitment, interim executive search services and interim management executive. Do a comprehensive search online to find the best Interim Management Company for you.