Hoisting Equipment

March 12, 2021

hoisting equipment

Hoisting equipment also referred to as lifting equipment, is a broad term for any apparatus that is used to lift heavy loads. The general public is more familiar with ladders and scaffolding than with hoists or lifting equipment. It is a necessary piece of equipment in almost every industrial setting where heavy loads need to be lifted and moved.

Types Of Hoisting Equipment

In industries like construction, transportation, warehousing, manufacturing, oil drilling, pulp, and paper production, power generation, aerospace, farming, hospitality, as well as the medical industry, hoists, and cranes are used to move heavy materials and supplies from one area to another. These machines use either pulleys or hydraulics to raise the weight. Most cranes are powered by electricity and other fuels. Many are operated by hand.

The most popular type of crane in industries and the job site are the wire rope crane. This is also the most commonly used type in the domestic scene in places such as warehouses and storage facilities. As far as cranes go, there are basically two types: electric and hydraulic. Hydraulic cranes are more commonly used for work sites, but electric ones are more adaptable to work at different job sites, and are also often less expensive.